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Education - Leading Practices in Municipal Government

Association of Manitoba Municipalities
October 11, 2019
Winnipeg, MB
Governing bodies in the public sector are being asked more and more to account for both their conduct and the outcomes being achieved. Good governance is the foundation which allows public bodies to meet this expectation.

Based on our research and experience working with municipal governments, good governance for local government means: Doing the right thing…in the right way…for the right people…in a timely, open, honest and accountable manner.

This session will guide elected officials through:
  • Creating and implementing a vision for your municipality or region.
  • Council and administration working together to achieve a common purpose with clearly defined roles and responsibilities.
  • Promoting and demonstrating the municipality’s values.
  • Making informed and transparent decisions which are subject to effective scrutiny and managing risk.
  • Engaging with the community and other stakeholders to ensure robust local public accountability.
  • Defining and delivering quality service for the community.
Facilitated by: KPMG Canada

Association of Manitoba Municipalities
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Event Type: Workshop
Provincial Region: Winnipeg

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